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fatimavieira86 asked: hello! in December, so I googled around on mandalas. and saw one of your drawings from November on a mandala site. and I've got the tattuerad on my body. really hope you are not angry or disappointed. I love your design ❤️

Not at all I feel so honored! Can I see a picture of it? :-D

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Early Retirement


So I don’t post much about myself and that doesn’t give you, my followers much to go on. Here is a small briefing, if you will. I dropped out of High school at the age of 16 because it was redundant and very mind numbing. I quickly received my GED which was a complete waste of time…and this is…

Its amazing to watch someone that you love and look up to make such great choices with their life. I wish I could have learned the things I’ve learned in the past few years, a long time ago. This man knows how to live. He has shown me how, and he can help anyone that is willing to listen. Shoot him a message and talk about anything, you will gain from the experience, I promise you. And if you would like to learn how to build your life up financially, I would definitely talk with him about that. ;-)

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This job will let me dirtbag it for the rest of my life!!!!

I am making money by helping other people save money on their electricity bills. And I will make residual income for the rest of my life. AND I will never pay an electricity bill again.

This means we can travel, climb, explore, and live free!!!!

The best part is anyone can…..
check it out

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